Retirement Planning Workbook

  • $25.00

Make a complete retirement plan from estimating annual expenses to drawing down investments with this functional, but simple workbook.

This spreadsheet focuses on:

  • estimating your future retirement expenses
  • optimizing the decision of whether to contribute to Roth, Traditional or Taxable accounts
  • compiling your accumulation and drawdown of retirement assets to analyze the soundness of your retirement plan
  • estimating current and future expected earned social security benefits

This workbook is completely and easily customizable. All formulas, cells, rows, columns, etc. are viewable and editable. 

This is included in the Personal Finance Bundle workbook that covers everything from cash flow, debt management, income tax planning, retirement and college planning, and more! The bundle integrates the cash flow throughout the year with the retirement planning to minimize manual entry and make it fast and easy! Check that bundle out here.