Personal Finance Essentials (Tiller-Based)

Personal Finance Essentials (Tiller-Based)

  • $24.00

Note: this spreadsheet is the same as the "Personal Finance Essentials" workbook, except that it includes additional sheets and formulas that facilitate being able to track expenses using Tiller's automated features. This requires an active subscription to Tiller.

This spreadsheet will change the way you view your finances. Use it with your favorite budgeting software program and analyze your progress toward your financial goals. This spreadsheet focuses on:

  • tracking your expenses
  • analyzing your cash flow
  • determining your savings rate
  • tracking your current and historical net worth
  • calculating your emergency fund

Check out a preview and more details of this spreadsheet on my YouTube channel (the "Personal Finance Spreadsheets Overview" video shows a brief overview of all spreadsheets and check back later for a detailed video of each separate workbook, including the Tiller version, which adds in transactions and balance history!).

Please note that while the cells are protected in this workbook to ensure formula integrity, there is a password in the instructions tab that allows you to unprotect all sheets and customize the entire workbook as you wish.