Personal Finance Essentials + Insurance Planning (Integrated)

Personal Finance Essentials + Insurance Planning (Integrated)

  • $49.00

Finally track your cash flow and manage and calculate your insurance needs with this integrated personal finance spreadsheet. The following workbooks are included in this bundle:

Personal Finance Essentials

This spreadsheet will change the way you view your finances. Use it with your favorite budgeting software program (YNAB, Tiller or more!) and analyze your progress toward your financial goals. This spreadsheet focuses on:

  • analyzing your cash flow
  • determining your savings rate
  • tracking your current and historical net worth
  • calculating your emergency fund

Insurance Planning

Organize your insurance policies and determine whether your coverage is adequate with this insurance planning spreadsheet. 

This spreadsheet focuses on:

  • analyzing & organizing your current insurance policies
  • determining whether your policies will adequately cover related losses
  • calculating how much life insurance & disability insurance you need

Check out a preview and more details of this spreadsheet on my YouTube channel (the "Personal Finance Spreadsheets Overview" video shows a brief overview of all spreadsheets and check back later for a detailed video of each separate workbook!).