Saving & Investing Workbook

  • $25.00

Set up and monitor your investing plan with this easy-to-set-up workbook. 

This spreadsheet focuses on:

  • determining your current and desired asset allocation
  • creating an Investment Policy Statement
  • calculating your overall expense ratios
  • tracking historical and projected investment returns & balances
  • determining asset location (which type of accounts to put your assets)
  • totaling investments by tax status

This workbook is completely and easily customizable. All formulas, cells, rows, columns, etc. are viewable and editable.

This is included in the Personal Finance Bundle workbook that covers everything from cash flow, debt management, income tax planning, retirement and college planning, and more! The bundle integrates the cash flow throughout the year with the tax planning to minimize manual entry and make it fast and easy! Check that bundle out here