2019 Federal & State Income Tax Workbook

2019 Federal & State Income Tax Workbook

  • $39.00

Estimate your federal & state income taxes in order to ensure you are paying in the proper amount throughout the year with this workbook. It even includes business income, the new QBI deduction, rental properties, determining your withholding allowances and more!

This spreadsheet focuses on:

  • calculating your federal tax liability
  • comparing 2 scenarios to analyze the impact of tax strategies
  • calculating your state tax liability based on a customizable template
  • determining the proper amount of federal withholding and allowances

Check out a preview and more details of this spreadsheet on my YouTube channel (the "Personal Finance Spreadsheets Overview" video shows a brief overview of all spreadsheets and check back later for a detailed video of each separate workbook!).

Note: this workbook assumes you are familiar with tax law. It provides a template to estimate taxes based on common situations, but may not provide all of the necessary calculations if you have a complicated tax situation (such as more than $1M in income) or very low income (such as the Earned Income Credit, etc.).

Please note that while the cells are protected in this workbook to ensure formula integrity, there is a password in the instructions tab that allows you to unprotect all sheets and customize the entire workbook as you wish.